This “A Falls” is the latest installation art presented by noTempo. It was displayed at gymnasium of a primary school in Zushi city as part of ZUSHI Media Art Festival 2013.

In this installation, infrared camera detects an image of a person’s movement which then gets analyzed simultaneously and reflected on the picture.
The software used consists of three applications which are “for image analysis from infrared camera”, “for generating visual images”, and “for mapping”. And each application exchanges the data with TCP communication, Syphon, and others.
There are four images with themes of “In the sea (blue)”, “In the forest (green)”, “Wheat field (orange)”, and “Autumn forest (red)” which are put together to continue in a loop. Then the application “for generating visual images” is used to add visual images of waterfall and leaves falling from above as well as others like school of fish, while the application “for image analysis from infrared camera” allows us to blow the wind or change the gravity in the virtual world.
Also, Duration is used for managing the whole scene which makes it easy to change the length of the scene and perform other scene managements.